Choose the Right Size of AC for Your Home

Choose the Right Size of AC for Your Home

The temperature in India is unbearable in summer months and therefore it is necessary to buy good quality of air conditioner to stay comfortable during summer season. However, while buying AC, there is always confusion about the right size of AC. This article is meant for clearing this confusion so that you can buy the right AC for your home.

How the sizes are mentioned

When you want to buy LG or any other brand of AC from the showroom, then you will find that they are either mentioned in terms of Tonnage or KVA ratings. This rating will decide how much power it is going to consume. Nowadays most of the AC sizes are decided based on its tonnage.

One-ton capacity can cool effectively any room with area between 126 to 160 square feet. Higher the tonnage that will able to cool more area and therefore according to the size of the room you have to decide about tonnage. You can get the get AC with 0.75-ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2-ton capacity in the market.

You must therefore choose proper tonnage based on your room size. In case, you install small sized AC for a bigger room then you will not get efficient cooling.

How to calculate the exact size of AC

There is simple calculation based on that you can decide about the sizes of any AC. Before you decide to choose your model of AC, it is better to get a rough idea how much capacity of AC you should buy, so that you can get effective cooling in your room and also you may not end up unnecessarily paying more for higher capacity of AC for a smaller area.

Therefore, you need to find the length, breadth and height of the room, where you are going to install the air conditioner unit. If you measure all these dimensions in meters then multiplying all three dimensions, you get the total volume area of the room. This type of calculation you must have done in your school days while studying simple mathematics. Now you can multiply by a factor 150 (minimum) to 175 (maximum) and get a rough idea about the total power requirements of your air conditioner.

Based on your power ratings you can get the necessary table from the showroom who will tell you the tonnage. It is not necessary that you will get the AC of exact power rating that you have got in your calculation. There will be standard model from any AC manufacturer like Mitashi or any other brand. You can choose the nearest power rating, which matches with the power rating of your requirement.

In case, you are going to buy AC for any laboratory or hospitals where you need very special temperature setting then you can ask any HVAC professional to come and take the precise measurement of the area where you need the cooling. They will be in a position to give you exact power rating of the AC so that you can set to the desired temperature within the room.